Thursday, 8 February 2018

We Have A Plan

Its Not Too Late

We can actually still stop Brexit. However, it will not be easy. The Government is arguing that they are following the will of the people. No matter how hard we try and convince them using social media, polls, interviews or marches they will not change their mind. The only way that is possible is to show that majority of the UK Voting population are against Brexit.

How We Will Stop Brexit

So the question is how do we do it as they refuse to hold another referendum. The government has a useful online tool which allows UK citizens to sign a petition. Most good petitions get between 10,000 and 100,000 signatures. If we want to stop Brexit we need the majority of the voting population to sign this online petition. Once we do this will be undeniable proof that the UK does not want Brexit.

What We Need

The total number of people eligible to vote as on the day of the referendum was 46,499,537 and 72.2% of that number turned up. (33,572,665)
A Total of 17,410,742 Votes were cast to vote to leave.
If we can get over that number we could prove to the government that majority of the people want to stay in Europe.

What Next
Stage 1
Build Up Social Presence and Build Up Following
Stage 2
Set up online petition
Stage 3
Promote Petition and prove to the government more people want to Stay
Stage 4
Force the government to stop Brexit

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